The American Apparel Manufacturing Revolution

At ThreadTech™ we are reviving, resolving and reinventing American mass production.  Academia would refer to ThreadTech™ as The Revolution.

We teach to excel.  We employee to offer better opportunities.  We do this, because it's needed!

We are technology.  We are green.  We are sustainable.  We are sharing a trade that will be passed down from generation to generation.

ThreadTech™ - Taking Fashion Designers from Design to Market, Faster. 

Welcome to ThreadTech™

A One-Stop Shop for Apparel Development and Production

ThreadTech™ offers full apparel development and production for Apparel Companies and Fashion Designers.  

Our management team has over 35 years of hand-on experience with apparel development, sourcing and manufacturing.

ThreadTech infuses state-of-the-art technology in each step.  From 3-D specs to grading and markers created in-house to propriety software used to enhance and stream-line the entire assembly production process allowing us to be competitive with off-shore pricing.  

Our Founder Donielle Martorano McKeever has developed specific services which problem solve development and production issues that benefit the garment sell-through for the client.  She has dedicated her 20 year career to problem solve the multi-generational issues that the North American apparel industry faces daily.  From development to assembly line production to distribution offering a faster, smarter and more sustainable method.  

We work closely with each client during development, production and sell-through.

Headquarted in Boston, MA.  Coming soon to the closest Fashion Hub near you! 

Check Us Out On NBC10 "Uniquely Boston" 12/20/19

Apparel Development and Production

Product Development


3-D specs, patterns and pattern revisions, fittings, samples, small runs & fabric/trim sourcing.  All done in-house. 

No out-sourcing. 

Apparel Production


Tech packs, digitizing, grading, nesting, markers and cut & sew.  

100% Made in Boston. All done in-house, with streamlined production & faster to market methods.  

Warehouse & Distribution


Local Warehouse & Distribution

Let ThreadTech™ take care of your storage, packaging and shipping needs.  From one garment to mass production. 

The Revolution

Designer Work Studio (DWS)


A makers space within ThreadTech™ where Fashion Designers can rent industrial sewing machines and work stations to create garments for their collection or customers.  Resources, professional dress forms, lockers and necessary supplies are also available.

$59 per day 9AM-4PM 

E-mail to book your session today!

Shoot & Sell!


Shoot & Sell!

A dedicated photography studio exclusively inside ThreadTech™ featuring in-house photographer Dawn Kingston.   

Professional equipment, experienced photographers, editors, hair and make-up artists are available to create immediate photos for your clothing for e-commerce, lookbooks and social media.  

Begin selling your newest look or collection the same day as your photo shoot.  

E-mail to book your session today!

Sewing Labs/Tech Pack Trainings


Sewing Labs 

Learn how to construct using industrial sewing machines.

$125 per 90 minutes

Tech Pack Training

Work off industrial production templates and create your own customized tech packs. 


E-mail to book your session today!

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M-F 8:00 am -5:30 pm. 

By appointment only 

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